Indian Ridge Country Club Membership | Palm Springs Private Gated Community, CA - Indian Ridge Country Club Private

Why Indian Ridge

Live Where Great Golf Resides

Ideal Location

With our ideal position within the Coachella Valley, we have a superior location. We are equally close to downtown Palm Desert and La Quinta and convenient to Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs. Importantly, we are close to Route 10 and the airport and our location offers beautiful vistas.

Variety of Homes

We have a wide variety of homes for purchase, from smaller condos to large freestanding homes. Current prices range from about $450,000 to $2,500,000. Home buyers have the opportunity to purchase in the community at a variety of investment levels while still being able to experience a first-class Club membership experience. Every home is on the golf course and enjoys a fabulous view.

Our Community

Indian Ridge is an established community of approximately 1,000 homes. That means no surprises and no construction. Unlike many other clubs, Indian Ridge maintains two full 18-hole golf courses. It is important to have enough homes to provide financial support to maintain the facilities, yet keep the courses uncrowded and dues at a reasonable level. We think our cap of 575 golf members and 300-350 social/sports members is a good formula for success. Since the members took over management of Indian Ridge from the developer, we have a history of financial stability. Clubs with fewer houses and fewer members can become very expensive and even financially unsustainable, especially when the developer leaves the community.

Our Competition

Our main competition includes other upscale country clubs in the Valley with 36 holes of golf, such as Rancho La Quinta, PGA West and Andalusia. We do not consider Palm Valley, the Lakes, Sun City and other similar clubs to be our competitors. Purchasing a home in a country club community is a lifestyle decision. The decision is much more than the simple purchase of a home. It is important to select the community that best reflects the buyer’s economics and the level and class of services desired.

Indian Ridge Country Club 

Purchase of a home at Indian Ridge along with membership in the Club provides a special lifestyle. In one location, the homeowner has access to golf on two world-class 18-hole golf courses, tennis, full- service fitness facility for an active lifestyle, a complete spa, two restaurants and a great outdoor patio with bar menu. Indian Ridge is “not your parents’ country club.” It offers a wide range of activities, including duplicate bridge, group bicycle rides, hiking groups, a motorcycle club, discussion groups, book clubs, art clubs and wine groups. The members of Indian Ridge are friendly, welcoming people, creating a strong sense of community. Membership provides the opportunity to create lifelong relationships.

Financial Stability

IRCC is financially healthy, with more than $1 million in the bank. To maintain that stability, the Club was proactive and initiated an aggressive membership outreach program. In this troubled time, our membership initiative is working, and new members are coming in to the Club.

Advantages of Equity Ownership

Indian Ridge is a private equity Club: member-owned and member-operated. Most of our competitors are owned by an investment group or a developer. Investor groups are motivated to make a profit and provide a return on investment to shareholders. Developers generally provide services significantly below cost in the interest of selling homes. Eventually, as homes are sold out, dues increase significantly, and the club is usually sold either to members or an outside investor. IRCC went through this turnover 11 years ago, and we have emerged a strong club with committed members. We have managed to provide first-class services and still retain our financial stability. As a not-for-profit organization, we use our funds to provide services to meet member needs, and our goal each year is to break even.

Selling a Membership

Long golf membership resale lists exist in most residential desert communities. The time it takes to resell a membership at IRCC is 4-5 years. The critical point is the dues obligation; at Indian Ridge the obligation to pay dues ends after five years. At the end of five years, if the member chooses to resign, the dues obligation ends. At many high-end clubs, members are obligated for dues until their membership is sold. That can be a significant length of time. 
A critical issue for membership resale lists relates to memberships owned by the developer or investor owner. In many clubs, the developer or investor owner reserves the right to sell one, two, three or four new memberships before one resale is removed from the sell list and sold. Obviously, this extends the length of time it takes to resell a membership. The bylaws of IRCC state that the Club may not sell any of its unsold memberships until there are no remaining memberships for resale on the list.
Finally, Indian Ridge is an equity club. When a membership at Indian Ridge is resold, the member is entitled to a refund of 50 percent of the initiation fee.